Livin' In The NICK House:Really Better EDtion Is A Television Series Hosted By Doug.scheer And LT Fan That Airs On Cartoon Network/Hub/Nicktoons.It's Clips For The Cartoons Are Photos Taken In A Old Camera,Make Bigger On A Computer,Printed Out,Drawn On,Edited On A Computer Again And Recorded With Off A TV From DVD To VHS Using A Cheep O' Sony DVD/VHS/Laserdisc/Betamax Combo,And Played Back Using A HITACHI VHS Player Witch Is Better Than That Cheep O' Sony.Anyone Can Make A Episode,Just Send A Letter To Nickelodeon Studios,P.O.Box 455667889 Hollywood,Ca.91610!

Pliot:Moving Back In:After Getting Smooshed,The Housemates Are Moving Back In And New Ones Come In.Meanwhile,Inspector Gadget And May Marry.

1:Big Gadget:After Big Daddy And Mr.Kna Kna Are Mistakely Captured By Team Plasma For Thinking The 2 Where A Tranier And It's Pokemon,Inspector Gadget Takes Over His Business.(Sequel To Big Wanda And Big Cosmo).Note:This Episode Do'sent Have A Meanwhile Part.

2:Microshaft Winblows 98:Mewtwo Buys A Rare Type Of Windows Releases,Microshaft Winblows 98 To Talk To Inspector Gadget And Patrick's Coach On Facebook While Gadget Uses His Computer,Which Runs Another Rare Type Of Windows:Microsoft Titantic 99,And Patrick's Coach,Who Uses Windows Whistler On His Computer.Meanwhile,The Eds And Spongebob Get Drunk And Talk Like Zordon From Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,And Must Eat Kevin's Jawbreakers To Stop Getting Drunk.

3:WTF Train:Mewtwo Sees The WTF Train Ad On PickleTube,And Gets One With A WTF Pee-Pee Since Mewtwo Do'snet Have A Pee Pee.

4:Madame Blueberry 2:The VeggieTales Gang Moves In Because Of There Kicthen Is Being Alive Veggie Free By Pest Control.Meanwhile,The Muppet Babies' Favorite Show Is Interuppted By A Required Daily Test Of The Emergency Alert System And The Babies Get Scared And Get EASphobia,So Nanny Sues The FCC For Intruppting Fozzie's Idol.

5:Viacom Blows Up:Viacom Is Blown Up By Maxie.Meanwhile,False News Spread That Nickeloden Has Cancelled Livin' In The Nick House:Really Better EDtion.


Tom Kenny:Spongebob,Invader Zim(Pilot),Other Voices.

Bill Faberbakke:Patrick

Frank Welker:Inspector Gadget

Veronica Taylor:May

Billy West:Invader Zim

Clancy Brown:Mr. Krabs/Scooter/Doug.scheer